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When deciding to sell your property, Expat Rentals provides comprehensive support, guiding you through the complexities of the sales market. We focus on maximizing your property’s value and ensuring a smooth transaction.

Selling your property with Expat Rentals means benefiting from our expertise in the real estate market, particularly in navigating fluctuating market conditions. We understand that selling your home is not just a transaction but a significant life decision. Our team is dedicated to offering personalized advice, taking into account market trends and buyer preferences to ensure you make the most profitable sale.

Our approach to sales is thorough and tailored. From initial evaluation to closing the deal, we are committed to providing you with a detailed proposal that maximizes your profit while minimizing the stress involved in selling your property. Trust Expat Rentals to make the sale of your property an efficient and rewarding experience.


Expat Rentals sales process

Setting a recommended price and sales strategy
This step focuses on accurately valuing your home to set a competitive selling price. We begin with a thorough inspection of your property, assessing its condition, unique features, and market appeal. Our team highlights the strengths of your home and works with you to determine the most effective way to present it to potential buyers. We gather comprehensive information, including important documents and data from local authorities, to ensure our valuation is well-informed. This meticulous approach allows us to formulate a strategic sales plan, tailor-made to showcase your property's best aspects and appeal to the right audience.
Ensuring optimal visibility
In this step of the sales process, the focus is on maximizing the visibility of your property to attract potential buyers. Expat Rentals employs a comprehensive marketing strategy, listing your home on its website, Funda.nl, and other relevant online platforms. Social media channels are also utilized for broader exposure. The presentation of your property includes professional photography, engaging videos, detailed 3D digital floor plans, and a NEN2580 measurement report, all accompanied by a well-crafted English description. This multi-faceted approach ensures that your property reaches a wide and diverse audience.
Managing viewings and negotiations
This stage of the sales process involves coordinating property viewings, managing offers, and negotiating terms. Expat Rentals ensures prompt communication regarding offers and works closely with you during negotiations. The focus is on evaluating bids, strategizing on bidding tactics, and addressing any conditions that might impact the sale, such as financing or inspections. Additionally, the team assists in finalizing details like the closing date and terms related to the property's contents.
Handling the transfer
In the final stage of the sales process, Expat Rentals facilitates the transfer of property ownership. This includes verifying legal documents and ensuring that both you and the buyer fulfill all contractual obligations. The broker plays a crucial role in this phase, overseeing the legalities to ensure a smooth transition. If you would like to know more about our services and rates, please feel free to contact us!

Our services and expertise

With our ten years of experience, Expat Rentals has built a wide network that includes landlords, corporate clients, relocation services, and real estate agents. This allows us to offer a great range of properties and services. We constantly update our knowledge of the housing market to give our clients the best and most useful advice. We’re proud to serve the whole housing market, providing options for different tastes and budgets.

Our services are tailored to the varied needs of the expatriate community. For those seeking rental properties, we have a diverse selection to fit different lifestyles and needs. For corporate clients, we offer corporate housing that combines comfort with convenience. Property owners benefit from our effective property management services, ensuring their properties are well-maintained and profitable. We also offer thorough assistance to clients looking to buy property.

Services and expertise