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Property rentals

Are you looking to rent out your property without any hassle? With Expat Rentals, this is easily achievable. We have an extensive network that includes expats, multinational companies, and relocation agencies, ensuring we find the ideal tenant for your property.

We will actively promote your property across various online platforms like Pararius, Funda, Xpat Rentals, Expatrentals.com, and others. Additionally, we showcase your property on social media and target the right audiences to maximize exposure.

At Expat Rentals, we’re constantly informed about the latest market trends and will advise you on the best strategies to maximize your investment returns. We’re also knowledgeable about the current legal and legislative aspects of property rental, enabling us to guide you efficiently through the entire rental process. Our goal is to match your property with the most suitable tenant. We invite you to schedule a no-obligation meeting at your property. This way, we can personally introduce ourselves, explain our services in detail, and offer advice on various options, including an estimated rental price for your property.

Property rentals

5 Steps to proceed property rentals

Intake meeting
Begin with a personalized intake meeting where we delve into your property's unique features and your expectations. This crucial step allows us to tailor our approach to your needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying rental experience.
Property marketing
Our dedicated marketing strategy brings your property into the spotlight. Through our expansive network and online platforms, we showcase your home's best attributes, captivating potential tenants with stunning visuals and compelling descriptions.
Tenant search and screening
Trust us to find the perfect tenant match. We meticulously screen applicants, verifying their credentials, rental history, and financial stability. This meticulous process guarantees reliable and responsible tenants who will treat your property with care.
Contract and Payment
Once an ideal tenant is identified, we handle the intricate details of drafting a comprehensive rental contract. Our expertise ensures that all legal aspects are addressed, and we facilitate secure payment methods, offering you peace of mind.
Prior to occupancy, we conduct a thorough inspection, documenting the property's condition meticulously. This step safeguards your interests by establishing a benchmark for comparison when the tenant eventually moves out, ensuring your property is well-maintained. At Expat Rentals, each step is thoughtfully designed to provide a worry-free and rewarding property rental journey, from the initial meeting to the final inspection.
Services and expertise

Our services and expertise

With our ten years of experience, Expat Rentals has built a wide network that includes landlords, corporate clients, relocation services, and real estate agents. This allows us to offer a great range of properties and services. We constantly update our knowledge of the housing market to give our clients the best and most useful advice. We’re proud to serve the whole housing market, providing options for different tastes and budgets.

Our services are tailored to the varied needs of the expatriate community. For those seeking rental properties, we have a diverse selection to fit different lifestyles and needs. For corporate clients, we offer corporate housing that combines comfort with convenience. Property owners benefit from our effective property management services, ensuring their properties are well-maintained and profitable. We also offer thorough assistance to clients looking to buy property.