ExpatRentals & Sales


Rent or sell your home? ExpatRentals helps you to make this assessment and to provide you with a solid proposal for both options.  

Temporary letting of your home for sale can offer a solution during costly vacancy. Selling your home can be an interesting option in a market with high purchase prices but declining rental income. Expat Rentals advises and guides you through the entire sales process, and we ensure that the entire transaction runs smoothly and efficiently, making selling your property a stress-free process for you. 

 The sales process:

1. Recommended price and determine sales strategy.

A good price for your home is important. We issue a suggested retail price based on a thorough inspection of your home. We define the advantages of your home and discuss with you the best way to present your house to candidates. Expat Rentals collects as much information as possible about the property, and you are requested to provide a number of documents. In addition to this information, other sources, such as the municipality, city district or other authorities, will also be consulted. Then we determine the sales strategy together with you.

2.  Optimal visibility 

ExpatRentals ensures optimal visibility of your property with potential buyers. Your home will be featured on our own website, Funda.nl and other various relevant websites and various (social) media channels. We will of course bring your home to the attention of our colleagues. We also have a professional photo presentation made, as well as 360-degree photos, an appealing video of the home and environment, digital floor plan drawings (2D and 3D), NEN2580 measurement report and an English description of your home.

3. Viewings and negotiations

ExpatRentals coordinates and supervises the viewings. As soon as a bid is received for your house, you will of course hear this directly from us. We conduct the negotiations with the buying party in close consultation with you. When there are several bidders, ExpatRentals prevents you from making (costly) mistakes. That is why we work with you to determine in advance which bidding tactics you can best follow. A buyer's offer is often accompanied by so-called resolutive conditions. Based on this, the deed of sale can be dissolved. For example, if the buyer cannot obtain the financing, a housing permit, or if there is a negative outcome of an architectural advice. In addition to these conditions, you also make agreements with the buyer about the date of deliveries, the items that will remain in the house, whether or not for an additional fee.

 4. Transfer 

Upon agreement between you can the buyer, ExpatRentals will then guide you through the transfer process. Your broker checks whether the notarial documents are correct and, together with the notary, checks whether the parties are fullfilling their mutual obligations correctly. 

 If you would like to know more about our services and rates, please feel free to contact us!