Rental through our extensive network

By listing your property with us, you always use our extensive network of contacts and marketing channels in the market. Our network includes, among others, the following:

  • Very good cooperation with high-quality rental agencies;
  • Agreements with various (inter)national companies for which Expat Rentals arranges accommodation;
  • Extensive network of media partners.

Through years of experience in the housing market in the Amsterdam region and surrounding cities, Expat Rentals has built up a large network of high-quality fellow rental agents. Because of this cooperation, it is no longer necessary to list your property with several rental agents. After all, we send our range of available properties to the higher-quality rental agencies on a weekly basis. This way you also benefit from the suitable candidates from our fellow rental agents and we are able to rent out your property quickly. In addition, you can use our cooperation with a number of (inter)national companies, for which we are looking throughout the year for suitable accommodation for their employees. We also advertise your property through various media partners such as Pararius, Funda,, Expatica,, and many others.

We do this to advertise your property as optimally as possible so that you do not have to worry about long-term vacancy of your property.