Corporate Housing


Are you looking for appropriate housing for your foreign employees in Amsterdam? Expat Rentals’ expertise is to provide housing solutions for the individual expat, companies and relocators. We offer professional guidance and 100% service with a personal touch. Expatrentals will manage the full housing search for you.


Before we officially start the housing search we will schedule a meeting or a call to get to know you better, find out more about your wishes and explain you all you need to know about the housing market and the rental process.

Search for properties

The housing market is fast moving and bustling, so a lot of properties are gone before you know it. Expatrentals scans the entire housing market and finds all new properties posted every day to make sure you don't miss out on anything. Due to our extensive network we can regularly offer houses ahead the market.   

Arrange viewings

Let us manage your time and your calendar by taking care of touching base with agents and landlords. We will reach out to them to schedule in viewings and we will take you on a housing tour to make sure we can advise you the best way possible.

Negotiate deals

As soon as we have found your ideal property we will draft an offer and make sure we negotiate the best deal possible. When the agent comes back with a response we will assist you during the process of negotiating, whether this is to get a good price, start date, furniture pieces or more.

Review legal documents

Whether it's a lease contract, Terms & Conditions, House rules or an invoice, we will review all documents together with you. We will make sure they are all correct, that you understand what they mean and that you can fully agree to them before signing.   

Utilities & Services

As soon as you've moved in we will make sure you're set up with the necessary utilities. This includes internet, tv, gas, electricity, water and heating, as well as appointing a professional cleaner.   

Inspections and deposit return

Expatrentals will perform a start and final inspection of the house. To make sure your interest is served, we draw up an inspection report and take pictures of the condition of the house and its contents. At the end of the lease, we make sure the deposit will be returned to you in a correct way.

We support employees from the following companies: