House rental through the ‘leegstandswet’

Have you already acquired your new home and is your old house still for sale? Then use the opportunity to temporarily rent out your home with a permit from B & W, based on the ‘Leegstandswet’.

You can apply for this permit if, for example, you are not able to sell your property. The house must be rented for a minimum of six months. A tenant who only rents a property temporarily can not rely on rental protection based on the ‘Leegstandswet’. The, to be concluded, lease must comply with formalities that must be strictly enforced. The deadlines must also be observed.

The monthly rent of an property that is for sale can be determined by the landlord. Has a permit been issued before 1 July 2013? Then the maximum rental price that has been stated in the permit remains valid. Municipalities may not impose their own additional requirements on the temporary rentable properties that are not in the ‘Leegstandswet’. The permit for houses that are for-sale is valid for 5 years. With an ongoing license renewal is not necessary, but the license still applies for 5 years. You can ask the municipality to confirm this in writing. Private owners may not rent out more than 2 for-sale houses at a time. It must be living space in a house that has been for sale and has never been inhabited (new house), in the 12 months before the house was vacated by the owner or when the house has been rented (fully or partially) for less then 3 years in the 10 years before the house was vacant.

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